bird friendly logoNative plants are those that originated here and are vital to the birds, butterflies, and other creatures that live here. However, the vast majority of plants that we use in our landscapes come from other continents. We grow and sell native plants that bring beauty and life to your landscape. You’ll find us at the Waxhaw Farmers’ Market and Matthews Community Farmers’ Market on alternate weeks, at special events, and at our nursery by appointment. We are proud to be a part of NC Audubon’s “Bird Friendly Communities” program. Find us on Facebook!


I’m a small farmer, and I like to share my garden with people. I offer seedlings in the spring; I have all kinds of herbs and heirloom and hybrid vegetable plants. I have the unusual or hard-to-find varieties that customers are often hunting for. Of course, I sell delicious chicken eggs, too. My chickens roam free in a large yard. They’re fed natural grains and fresh vegetables daily. I love the market, and, as its manager, I have been so happy to see it grow.

SILVER LININGS – Michelle Brunette

I’ve returned to the area and to the market this year, but I actually sold at the market the very first year it opened. Customers and vendors alike have welcomed me back and expressed how much they enjoy the exquisite colors brought to the market each week with the cut flower bouquets and cut herbs I bring.